Podcast Interview with Jon Hoefer - Author of, "Avery's Gift"

If you've been listening to my new podcast, you know that the common thread through all of the interviews has been that of being open to possibility. About being inspired. And about creating wonderful things.

Author and artist Jon Hoefer did just that when he decided to accomplish the seemingly impossible feat of crafting a children's book that would be appropriate for all ages and also would raise money for and awareness about organ donation

Jon and I spoke about everything from Avery's real-life journey to the multilayered symbolism and beautiful illustration in his book, "Avery's Gift." We also spoke about the spiritual aspects of writing something so moving and important.

Avery's Real-Life Story

Little Avery Toole was born with a rare and serious heart problem that required multiple surgeries (beginning at 5 days old). Her medical condition left Avery pale, weak, and unable to play with friends. She also suffered a...

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