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Check Out My New Podcast: Unpacking Possibility!

"Unpacking Possibility" is the podcast I've long dreamed of doing - I get to interview fascinating people who have overcome challenges and followed their passions.

I'm so excited to share their stories and tips to help you create a happier, healthier, more self-compassionate YOU.

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New Self-Guided Intuition Course!

This online, self-paced course features all 10 audio lessons from my Insight Timer Intuition Development course, plus additional video, audio and written content to help you jumpstart your intuition at your own pace. You'll also find a resource list so you can continue learning after completing the course.

Appropriate for those at a beginner to intermediate level of intuitive development, this course will guide you to more informed and regular practice.

With the knowledge and habits you learn here, you will be well on your way to a regular practice that will help you to be more intuitive in daily life.

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Practice Target Feedback for Insight Timer Intuition Course

Have you completed a practice target for, "How to Develop and Follow Your Intuition?" Click below to view feedback for each target (but only after you're done with your session!).


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