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Cultivating Intuition: Developing Clairvoyance

Embrace and fine tune your natural ability to perceive clairvoyant information.

This second offering from Dr. Traci Stein’s Cultivating Intuition series is designed to help you embrace and fine tune your natural ability to perceive clairvoyant information. These meditations will help you rediscover and develop your own gift of “psychic seeing.” With practice you will be able to sharpen your abilities to recognize and access intuitive information. Hemi-Sync® frequencies have been carefully selected to assist you in reaching expanded states of awareness, becoming more receptive to the information.

Includes four tracks: Introduction to Developing Clairvoyance; Reconnecting to Your Clairvoyance; Enhancing Clairvoyance; and Psychic Dreaming. Information booklet included.

Music by Justin Cason. Producer Garrett Stevens. Engineered and mastered by Justin Cason.


Cultivating Intuition: The Foundation

Become better acquainted with your natural psychic gifts and further strengthen your intuition.

Learn to develop a solid foundation for ongoing intuitive development. Dr. Traci Stein, who has been intuitive since childhood and practiced intuitive training for over 20 years, guides you through some fundamental exercises to discern intuitive guidance and gain greater confidence in your innate abilities.

The addition of Hemi-Sync® frequencies will help you to achieve a relaxed, focused, and more receptive state for becoming aware of your highest guidance.

Four tracks include: Introduction; Getting to Know Your Intuition; The Chakras; and Enhancing Your Intuition.
Music by Justin Cason. Executive producer Garrett Stevens. Engineered and mastered by Justin Cason.

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Embrace Your Intuition!


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Complimentary Meditation for Greater Wellbeing

Please enjoy this complimentary meditation designed to foster feelings of self-compassion, wellbeing, and healing at all points in time.

Set aside a half hour, get comfortable, and give yourself the gift of greater ease.