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Lesson 6 Target Feedback


In Lesson 6 of this course, you had a target to view. The feedback for this target is below.


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The video below is of the target for this session, which was a video of hot air balloons flying over the rock landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey.



Cappadocia is famous for hot air ballon tourism and festivals. 

Take a look at the video. Note the elements it contains. Then compare to the impressions from your practice session. 



How did you do? Even if you did not perceive this exactly, go over your notes and see what colors, temperatures, textures, shapes, patterns, sounds, and sensations you had. What emotions did you feel? Did you perceive conceptual information, like recreation, adventure, or something similar? Perhaps you picked up on the country, or general region? 

Note the rock formations, the balloon, the element of fire (the burner that heats the air in the balloon to make it rise). The element of people (although you can't see them). And the road down below.

The prominent colors were beiges and browns, the grey blue of the sky, and the rainbow colors of the balloon. You may have also sensed motion, such as the rising and falling of the hot air ballon, but also of the cars on the road far down below. You may have picked up on the fabric of the balloon, the rocks, the people operating the balloon, other balloons in the distance. And perhaps you heard the sounds of the burner, which heats the air to keep the balloon aloft.

There are the elements of fire and light and wind and earth present. And you may have felt air on your skin, and some combination of coolness due to the elevation, and heat from the burner. Take a look at your sketches if you made any and see if there is any overlap between lines and shapes that you drew and something in the video.

Remember, just notice what elements fit. Over time, you'll know better what types of information you tend to pick up on, and with which senses. As you practice, you'll begin picking up on more information using additional senses.

Great job!

Video courtesy of Shutterstock. Hot air balloons flying over the rock landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey. By Mazur Travel.