"Tireless Caregiver Survey"

What is a "Tireless Caregiver?"

Tireless Caregivers are often natural helpers who have a really tough time setting appropriate, healthy limits with others. When TCs do good, they very often feel good. When they set limits, they fear being "bad" or having others dislike them. As such, they often find themselves positions of doing more than their fair share at home, work, or in friendships.

The TC may be the spouse who does the lion's share of the housework and childcare, the person who bails everyone out financially, rescues others from bad decisions, everyone's 24/7 sounding board, or the person who winds up mommying everyone at work.

What's Wrong with Tireless Caregiving?

Giving without balance can lead to feelings of frustration, resentment, and depression, as well as anxiety or guilt when saying "no," (all definite negatives). TCs also tend to attract relationships with people who are particularly needy, demanding, self-centered or entitled; these types typically resist TCs' efforts to take care of themselves via healthy limit setting with others.

The problem is not in doing good; but when relationships are unbalanced or contingent upon the TC saying "yes" no matter what.

It is possible to be good, do good, and also set healthy limits.

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