$249.00 USD

I understand that this workshop is educational in nature and not meant to replace my health care provider's guidance

I understand that if I am not satisfied with the workshop after the first session, I am eligible for a full refund so long as I reach out to the instructor prior to the second workshop session.

Manifesting During Deep Sleep

Audio Program

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This audio program (now published by HayHouse.com) combines potent hypnotic imagery and binaural beats to help you shift into a manifesting mindset while getting deeper, more restorative sleep.


Manifesting Healthy Weight Loss Online Workshop

Join me for a 5 week live online workshop to help you achieve your healthy weight goals. 

What you'll get:

  • 5 live online sessions (with a bonus 6th wrap up session)
  • Brand new guided meditations, effective self-hypnosis techniques & journaling exercises to help you recognize & release barriers to weight loss & reconnect to your goals - more easily and confidently
  • Mind-Body-Spirit tools that complement your chosen eating and exercise plan
  • An intimate, supportive community experience
  • Offered at a special inaugural tuition (for less than the cost of a single 45 minute session)

[** Please note - this workshop is not psychotherapy and is not meant to replace your normal health or mental health care]

What People Are Saying:

 Experiencing Dr. Traci Stein and her steady, soothing voice is like being wrapped in a warm blanket of wisdom and spirituality. Her guided imagery is both calming and enlightening. She feels like the kindest most loving best friend you aways wanted! In these stressful times, Traci has a way of untangling the knot of uncertainty and putting you on a path of ease and peace

-Lana Young, Actor, Producer, Director, Coach. "Ethel" in the new Tyler Perry film, "A Jazzman's Blues"

"Traci was amazing to work with from the very start – smart, diligent, accommodating, responsible...Her beautiful meditations have been hugely popular – her voice, choice of language, and ability to combine imagery, mindfulness and hypnosis into her own unique narratives...has hit a real sweet spot in meeting the needs of a wide range of people.

Belleruth Naparstek, LCSW - Guided Imagery Pioneer and Founder of HealthJourneys.com

Traci has a rare teaching gift. She is able to communicate clearly and directly while simultaneously conveying her empathy, sensitivity, and deep spirituality. I found her intellect, personality, and style highly effective and engaging.

Zack Mason, JD, MBA, MS, MA, San Antonio, TX

Traci offered an unbelievable manifesting workshop, where she shared tools for implementation. I had 2 specific things I had hoped for, and her guidance allowed both of them to manifest as I had imagined, if not even better! I didn’t expect such quick results! I highly recommend this workshop!’ - Sonal B., NYC

Sonal B., New York, NY