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Lesson 4 Target Feedback


In Lesson 4 of this course, you had a target to view. The feedback for this target is below.


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As you can see, the target is a photo that features a little girl on the right, and a cat reclining to her left.

The little girl is probably about  5 to 7 years old.

She is relaxing on a white tile floor, with her face resting in her hands.

She has blonde or strawberry blonde hair that is styled in loose curls and is a bit longer than shoulder length.

She has pale skin and very light, almost clear blue eyes. She has a slight smile on her face.

She’s wearing a grey dress with a reddish-pinkish bow.

And the cat next to her is a deep, velvety grey color, with light, greenish yellowish eyes.

The cat is lying on its left side and looking at the camera, with its right paw on the floor, but reaching forward toward the camera.

The background is blurred, and mostly white or cream colored with a tiny bit of blue detail.


So, how did you do?

What sorts of details did you notice? And with which senses? Don’t worry if you did not see or describe the photo perfectly. Most of the time, psychic images are not crystal clear. But even if you think you missed the target completely, take a look at your notes and look at the elements you wrote down.

Check off anything you got right, including basic colors, or shapes, or feelings or if you heard the cat meowing and so forth.

You may have felt the soft texture of the cat's fur, or a tickly sensation from touching its whiskers.

If you have an affinity for kids or pets (or both), you may have noticed something more abstract, such as a feeling of warmth, affection, happiness, or contentment. You may have picked up on the feeling of relaxing or the more abstract concepts of relaxation, or companionship. 

I mention all of these things because especially in the beginning, you may find that you pick up on information that only makes sense when you step back a bit - even most (good) professional psychics won't see a photo-realistic image in their minds. But when they begin describing the elements they noticed, they will find many that match the target in some way.

Be sure also to take a look at your sketches - you may find that you have sketched an outline that is an accurate representation of some aspect of this target, but that won't make sense until you see the feedback.

Keep up the great work! And keep practicing!