Education, Training, and Publications

Columbia University
PhD, (MS, MPhil, en passant ) - Clinical Psychology

New York University
MPH - Community Health Education

Syracuse University - S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications
BS (Dual) - Illustration Photography and Psychology

Clinical Training

Columbia University Medical Center - Department of Anesthesiology
Postdoctoral Fellowship - Pain Psychology

Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute
Clinical Internship

Columbia University/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital - Pediatric Oncology
Clinical Externship

Teachers College, Columbia University - Dean Hope Center
Psychotherapy Trainee


Stein, T. (In press). Integrative Medicine Approaches for Chronic Pain in Palliative Care: Mind-body Therapies, Energy Approaches, and Music Therapy. In L. Dhingra & E. Ahmed (Eds.), Pain in Palliative Care . Oxford University Press.

Stein, T. (In preparation). Complementary and Alternative Therapies in End-of-Life Care.

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[Link to publisher]

Stein, T. R., Sonty, N., & Saroyan, J. M. (2012). Scratching beneath the surface: An integrative psychosocial approach to managing pediatric pruritus and pain. Child Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry, 17 (1), 33-47.
[Link to Full Text of Article]

Stein, T. R., Bonanno, G. A., & Gershefski, P. A. (2011). Trait Self-Enhancement, Immune Markers, and Risk Reduction Behaviors in HIV-positive Gay Men. Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services, 10 (1), 22-41.
[Link to Journal's Website]

Stein, T. R., Olivo, E. L., Hermele, S. L., Namerow, P. B., Costa, J., & Oz, M. C. (2010). A pilot study to assess the effects of a guided imagery audiotape intervention on psychological outcomes in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Holistic Nursing Practice, 24 (4), 1-10.
[Link to Full Text of Article]

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[Link to Abstract]

Stein, T. R. (2009). Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for prevention of depression relapse - A useful approach for depressed patients with cardiovascular disease? Graduate Student Journal of Psychology, 11 , 40-45.
[Link to Full Text of Article]

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[Link to Abstract]

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[Link to Abstract]


Schwartz, M. P., Stein, T. R., Wald, E., Sha, N., & Sonty, N. (2011, May). Risk and resilience in chronic pain: Anxiety and self-efficacy as mediators of the relationship between pain intensity and disability. Abstract presented at the American Pain Society annual meeting, Baltimore, Maryland.

Stein, T. R., Tsui, P., and Sonty, N. (2010, May). Acceptance predicts physical self-efficacy in patients with chronic pain. Abstract presented at the American Pain Society annual meeting, Baltimore, Maryland.

Tsui, P., Stein, T. R., & Sonty, N. (2010, May). The relationship among PTSD symptoms, chronic pain acceptance, and disability. Abstract presented at the American Pain Society annual meeting, Baltimore, Maryland.

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Patient Education

Stein, T. R., Fisch, L., Kennedy, D. D., & Ladas, E. J. (2002). Integrative Medicine for Women in Cardiac Rehabilitation. Columbia Integrative Medicine Program, (College of Physicians & Surgeons of Columbia University: New York. Out of print.)

Stein, T. R., Gravenese, C. L., & Hamilton, K. K. (1999). Breast Cancer, Diet, & Exercise. (Available from the Patient Education Department, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, 1275 York Avenue, New York, NY 10021).

Mendes, A., & Stein, T. (1994). The Safety Kit: Helpful tips for the home and office. (AT&T – Total Life Concept: Bernardsville, NJ – out of print.)

Mendes, A., & Stein, T. (1994). The Stress Kit: What you should have learned in kindergarten. (AT&T – Total Life Concept: Bernardsville, NJ – out of print.)

Selected Presentations

Invited Presenter (May 2016). Community Council webinar, "Beyond Blisters: Managing Distress in Epidermolysis Bullosa." EB Research Foundation.
Invited Presenter (November, 2012). Integrative Approaches to Working with Chronic Pain. Addiction Institute of New York, St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital.
Inivited Presenter (with John Saroyan, MD); July, 2012). Medical and Integrative Approaches to the Management of Pain and Itch in Epidermolysis Bullosa. DebRA of America Annual Meeting.
Presenter (March, 2010). Phantom Limb Pain: Psychological Issues and Current Treatments. Department of Anesthesiology Grand Rounds, Columbia University Medical Center.
Invited workshop series presenter (2008: February; March, May). Guided Imagery for Stress Reduction, Relaxation, and Healing. Office of Sponsored Programs, Teachers College, Columbia University.
Invited panelist: (2007, March). Wellness Week, Teachers College, Columbia University.
Invited panelist: (2006, October). National Depression Screening Day, Teachers College, Columbia University.
Invited presenter (with Lauren Fisch; 2003, November). Integrative Medicine in Transplant: Complementary Medicine Therapies for Patients and Others. Transplant in Clinical Practice, Columbia University/New York Presbyterian Hospital.
Invited presenter: (2003, October). Complementary Medicine Tools for Stress Reduction. “HealthLIVE: Stress for Success?” Columbia University.