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Radio and Podcasts

I've been doing a number of radio and podcast interviews as well as print and online magazine interviews about integrative pain management, hypnosis, meditation, intuition, and more. Check my Twitter and Facebook for details about upcoming interviews (many of which are available on iTunes). Here are the ones that are currently available:

eCareDiary: Mind-Body Tools to Enhance Sleep for Older Adults (13:13 min). In this podcast interview, I go beyond sleep hygiene to discuss other mind-body tools, such as mindfulness, guided imagery and hypnosis, and binaural beats (brainwave entrainment) to help manage insomnia and foster better sleep in general. I also discuss some of the reasons that we have more sleep issues as we age, as well as shed light on myths about sleep, and mention health behaviors that can interfere with good quality sleep. The tips discussed here apply not only to adults and caregivers, but generally.

Inquisitive Souls with Jason MacKenzie - "Emotional Tai Chi" (72 min). In this interview, Jason and I spoke about everything from the difference between therapy and coaching, hypnosis and everyday trances, how our pasts can predict our futures (and how to change this), why it's much better to take a "Tai Chi" rather than a boxing approach when you are trying to help someone change, men's mental health, and much, much more! 

LA Talk Radio: All Things Therapy with Lisa Tahir (47:42 min). In this interview, broadcast online and on FaceBook Live, Lisa and I spoke about a range of topics - integrative medicine, chronic pain management, hypnosis, intuition, and more! 

WBZ Women's Watch (1 min). A quick interview about chronic pain management.

Smart People Podcast: Hypnosis, Biofeedback and Brain Hacks. On this iTunes top-rated podcast, we discussed everything from hypnosis to biofeedback, integrative medicine, brain hacks, intuition and more.

Arroe Collins: All About Relationships - What's Healthy, What's Not, and How to Create a Better Relationship

WOCA AM Ocala Live! Hypnosis and Chronic Pain Management (9:50)

The Knowbodies Podcast (Running time 53 min). Tireless Caregivers, Hypnosis, and Self-Love

RadioMD: Talk Healthy Today, with Lisa Davis, MPH: New Approaches to Pain Management (19:46)

WEOL Radio (Running time: 12:42 min)

WMST Midmornings on Main with Dan Manley (One-hour long interview begins at 40:40)

WISR AM with Dave Malarkey (interview begins at 1:04; running time approx 20 min)

Hour-long interview on Barb Adams Live/Genesis Communications Network (hour 2)

KMA Land radio (running time 9:26 min)

RadioMD: Mindful Medicine with Dr. HoMlly Lucille: Master Plan for Long-Term Wellness (27:05 min)

Healthwatch with Dr. David Naimon (28:36 min)

Maryanne Live! Self-Acceptance and Self-Compassion. (57:48 min)

Holistic A-Hole (51): Hypnosis, Mental Imagery, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We also discuss how gut health affects emotional health, emotional eating, and more.


Print and Online

March 2018 

My piece in ThriveGlobal.com on why it's worth developing your intuition.

 "KO Chronic Headaches" - I'm quoted in the print version of Woman's World talking about why caffeine can help with headaches.

Think you might be in a one-sided relationship? I'm quoted on Famifi (formerly FamilyShare.com) talking about how you'll know if you are, and what you can do about it (and when you can't).

December 2017/January 2018

 I've been quoted in the follow Bustle.com articles:

9 Subtle Differences Between Being A Narcissist Vs. Just Being Self-Centered

9 Little Things That Couples Who Last Do Differently Than Those Who Break Up

7 Little Daily Habits That Kill Romance in a Relationship

9 Habits Unhappy People Have in Common, According to Science

11 Things It's Not Okay for Your Partner to Expect from You

7 Weird Things That Happen to Your Brain When You Meet Your Soulmate

 21 Relationship Resolutions to Make in the New Year

August 2017

Dealing with a phobia - a severe and irrational fear of something? I had the pleasure of helping a lovely young woman overcome a longstanding fear of driving using hypnosis. Read the article here.

January 2017

Struggling with a habit like nailbiting? Using hypnosis, I helped the beauty editor at O Magazine to get control over her nailbiting and finally love her hands! Read the article here.





October/November 2016

I'm quoted in Shape Magazine about how hypnosis can help with weight loss. Read the article here. 

November 2016

Want to learn simple tips for staying healthy this season? I tell you how on page 116 of Woman's Day.

April 2016

 I discuss how visualization and imagery can help you live a healthier life for Health Magazine. Read the article here.




For a blast from the past, you can hear Teachers College, Columbia University President Susan Fuhrman's address during the 2009 doctoral hooding ceremony. I was one of two students Dr. Furhman spoke about (beginning at 9:18) as part of her themed talk, "Be the Change You Want to See." 


I now have a YouTube channel where I post brief, free videos on hypnosis, intuition, relationships, and more.