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Intuitive Session Example: ARV (Brief)

This is a very brief example of a session done by someone who was extremely new to remote viewing (and had only done a few other sessions earlier in the week while at a conference). I share this example because it's a really interesting one, but also because it shows that you can begin picking up on really accurate details even when you are starting out.

Without going into great detail, his task was to view the target photo that would be associated with (or chosen to represent) the outcome of a specific event. After he and anyone else viewing the target had tuned in and sketched what they perceived, then another person selected two possible target photos from a pile of about 30 or so sealed envelopes containing different photos (none of which we had seen beforehand).

The way ARV works is that each target photo is associated with a particular outcome. Typically, the outcome is binary. To use a sporting example, if the question was, "Which team will win the World Series this year?" a photo of a sailboat could represent the Yankees and a photo of a cow in a pasture could represent the Red Sox. The photos can be of anything - the subject matter of each photo has absolutely nothing to do with the outcome you're viewing. (It's just that it is easier to view a photo of something interesting than it is  just "know" who the winner will be, although that is possible as well). So, the "associative" in ARV refers to associating a photo with an outcome.

At any rate, here is what my husband drew *before* the two photos were selected to represent, in this case, the over-under of a sporting event that happened later that day. Note that he also used modeling clay to further illustrate what he saw in his mind when viewing. He had somewhere between 5-10 minutes to view, sketch, and shape the clay.


Then, the photos were selected to represent the two possible outcomes. These are what were selected and assigned to outcomes A and B


Here is a larger photo of the one assigned to outcome "B" - representing what ultimately was the correct (winning) prediction. You can compare the target feedback photo with the sketch and clay model. As you can see, there was notably greater correspondence with the descriptors and sketches to the attributes of photo B.

For more information on remote viewing and associative remote viewing, you can visit IRVA's and APP's websites, respectively.

You can view a larger version of the session sketch below (it makes it easier to read the descriptors).