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Have you ever had "gut feelings" that turned out to be right?

Or have you known who was calling (without checking caller ID) - even if you hadn't heard from that person in months or even years?

Or have you sensed when a loved one was in trouble - even if they were many miles away? 

If so, you've experienced intuition. 

And if you've had dreams that predicted a future event, or your "Spidey Sense" helped you to avoid danger or make better decisions in your professional life, that was your intuition communicating with you.

If you've had any of these types of experiences, you're not alone. 

In fact, a 2017 You.gov survey found that roughly a third of people (40% of women and 29% of men) said they'd had a "psychic moment," such as predicting the future. 

What most people don't realize is that intuitive experiences are natural and fairly common. Perhaps even more important:

Intuition is a trainable skill

You read that right.

Over the past 20 years or so, I've studied a variety of types of intuitive development. I've found this to be true for me personally, and there is research that supports this conclusion as well.

I think intuitive development has been one of the most interesting, exciting and rewarding things I've done, and so I'm offering an online course to help others learn to strengthen their intuition as well.

Over time, and with practice, your intuition can help you to feel more in tuneand more effective at work, in relationships, and in everyday life.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not a professional intuitive - and you don't need to be one either to benefit from strengthening your intuition.

My intuition has helped me to be more attuned to others in my personal life. It's helped me to be a more effective clinician and hypnotherapist, and it's helped me to recognize good opportunities and steer clear of some bad ones. 

Intuition has been an invaluable tool to add to my life toolbox, alongside my knowledge, skills, and experience base.

Either way, I wish you peace and wellbeing, now and always.


UPDATE: This course is currently full! 



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Traci Stein