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Blue Mountains

Example of an Intuitive Session (Remote Viewing)

Many people wonder what it looks like to do any sort of psychic or intuitive session. So, here, I'll describe a session I did a few years back.  This is one example of how you might notice, describe, and sketch information; record distractions; and summarize what you noticed.

The below is from a remote viewing session. Remote viewing is a specific type of psychic work that was developed in coordination with US military intelligence in the 1970s and is taught worldwide today. There are numerous different ways that people access information intuitively; I'm using an RV example here because it encourages a specific type information gathering that I think is helpful to anyone doing psychic work.

What makes for a "good" session?

There are often a lot of misconceptions about what makes a "good" or "successful" intuitive session. You may be surprised to learn that you can get a lot of relevant or accurate information about a target (as well as information that does not match) without actually knowing what the target is. Keep in mind that rarely does intuitive information ever come through in a photo-realistic, know-everything-about-it  way.

Targets and Tasking:

I'm attached some sketches, descriptors and a summary from a practice session I did a few years ago for a Remote Viewing class I took with Lori Williams. This target is one of Lyn Buchanan's practice targets. And Lyn actually guest led this particular meeting for Lori.  When my classmates and I viewed it, the target was identified only by a number (otherwise known as a "coordinate"). The number assigned to the target for this session was 171024, and the tasking was to "describe the target." That's it. Note that the actual number itself, in this case, is meaningless. It's the intention of the tasker that creates the link from a number to a target. 

The target was shown to us after we had completed and submitted our sessions. The target was the old Hong Kong airport (Kai Tak Airport). It was closed in 1998, many years before we viewed the target, but remember, time is not an issue when doing intuitive work.

Here is the feedback photo we were shown:

Photo: Daryl Chapman for CNN

Here are a few additional images of this airport - you'll notice that these seem to correspond with what I viewed and sketched. You can view my session notes and sketches in the link below, after the photos.

**What you should notice here:

When I was viewing this target, I noticed what seemed like a bunch of different images, sometimes together, sometimes not, but they did not look like a "photo" of the target (although the plane was unusually clear for me). When I was viewing the target, the different images made no sense to me - it seemed weird to have water and grass and brown earth and tall buildings, a mountain range, and a plane of all things as part of the same target (especially since I have never been to Hong Kong or to the Kai Tak Airport).

This is a good example of why you should just write down and sketch whatever you notice when doing psychic practice, regardless of whether it makes sense at the time.







(An aerial view of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. PHOTO PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY)






Photo: Daryl Chapman for CNN








Photo: Daryl Chapman for CNN









Image via Aviation/Stack Exchange






What you'll notice on pages 8 and 9 of my sketches are what I later learned (from Lyn) is called a wing tip vortex - I saw the shape but again, had no idea what it was. I just couldn't figure it out. But I drew it anyway.




Illustration via Flight Literacy






This session data is from 2017 (when I viewed the target). I think it was a particularly good session for me (and like everyone, sometimes my sessions are very good and sometimes they are not as great - that's human nature). 

As you take a look at my session notes, you'll notice descriptors (words), sketches, and my summary, as well as some of the notes I made about how I felt (nauseated) and about an interruption I needed to set aside.

Also notice that there were several times when I either had some mental noise or things I interpreted incorrectly, but that much of what I noted did pertain to the target.

And notice that my sketches are very rudimentary - I am not great at drawing. But you can definitely get a sense of how these things relate to this target. 

I hope this was helpful.

Click here to view my session notes in detail.