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Self-Hypnosis Audio Programs

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis can be powerful tools for positive change. The self-hypnosis audio programs I have created focus on some of the most common issues for which people seek treatment. My recordings are available at HealthJourneys.com, on iTunes and Amazon.com. Below are brief descriptions of my programs and some audio samples.

They're here! "Mindfulness" and "Self-Compassion" Audio Programs!

I'm pleased to announce that I recently recorded three new audio programs for HealthJourneys.com - Mindfulness Meditations, Self-Compassion Meditations, and Self-Compassion During Sleep. For more information on these programs, to purchase, or to listen to audio samples, visit the HealthJourneys website. You can also purchase them on iTunes or at Amazon.com.


Healthy Weight & Body Image

Your healthiest weight is the one that honors your inherent worth, and keeps your body strong, mind sharp, and emotions balanced. This program draws upon the strengths of hypnotic imagery, mindfulness practices, and affirmations to help you gain insight into how you may have used eating and exercise for purposes other than maintaining good health. 

Healthy Weight & Body Image During Sleep

Weight and body image issues often develop early on and shape our behaviors, many times without much conscious awareness of these patterns. This guided self-hypnosis program can make it easier to take in healing suggestions for achieving your healthiest weight while also encouraging deep, restorative sleep – a time when learning is enhanced, and the “inner critic” is quieter. 

Release Old Habits, and Create Positive Change!

This audio self-hypnosis program draws upon a variety of approaches, including mindfulness, CBT, and hypnotic imagery to help you release unwanted habits and create healthy patterns.  

Click below to hear audio samples of the awake and sleep tracks:
Creating Positive Change - Awake Track

Creating Positive Change - Asleep Track

Free Yourself from Procrastination, and Get Things Done!

This program draws from the latest research to put the most effective parts of your brain in the driver’s seat. With regular use, you’ll develop highly effective strategies, like breaking large goals into discrete, manageable tasks; sharpening your focus; clearly visualizing the completed goal; and working calmly and effectively at the best time to do so.    

Long Guided Hypnotic Imagery:

Shorter Guided Hypnotic Imagery ("The Success Timeline")


Enhance Your Self-Esteem

The Healthy Self-Esteem program helps the listener to release feelings of self doubt and old ways of coping that may no longer serve them; increase relaxation and feelings of mastery; forgive themselves for past mistakes;  and accept themselves in the present while embracing positive change. 

The Self-Esteem During Sleep CD does the above and also enables the listener to take in healing messages during the sleep state (remarkable, but true!) - when the "inner 
critic" is resting and the wisest self is often best able to focus on acceptance and growth. And of course, it also helps the listener to fall asleep much more rapidly, deeply, and soundly. 

Self-Esteem During Sleep

Healthy Self-Esteem - Affirmations

Healthy Self-Esteem - Guided Hypnotic Imagery