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January 2017

Struggling with a habit like nailbiting? Using hypnosis, I helped the beauty editor at O Magazine to get control over her nailbiting and finally love her hands! Read the article here.





October/November 2016

I'm quoted in Shape Magazine about how hypnosis can help with weight loss. Read the article here. 

November 2016

Want to learn simple tips for staying healthy this season? I tell you how on page 116 of Woman's Day.

April 2016

 I discuss how visualization and imagery can help you live a healthier life for Health Magazine. Read the article here.


I had another fun and fact-filled interview with Rick Kleffel. This time we discussed the role of probiotics and probiotic rich foods in reducing social anxiety. We also discussed how hypnosis and mindfulness meditation can be powerful tools for managing mood and creating positive change. You can listen to the interview on iTunes or by clicking here.


My interview with Rick Kleffel about my award-winning book on integrative pain management. We discuss everything from the role of mental health in pain management, to dietary supplements, the role of gut bacteria, genetic mutations, the importance of personal meaning with regard to coping, binaural beat technology, guided imagery, and more. Youc an listen to the interview on iTunes or by clicking here.


I spoke with Maryanne Comaroto about how to foster self-compassion and greater self-acceptance via hypnosis, guided imagery, and mindfulness. We also touched upon some of the information in my award-winning book on managing chronic pain. Listen on tTunes or by clicking here.